A Brief Introduction

Sitting on chair in flouncy skirt and 7" platform, kneehigh boots
The first incarnation of Mistress Avalon. August 2001

I came to the UK just over 16 years ago. To be precise, I set foot permanently on British soil on 13 June, 2001 — just three months before that fateful day that rattled the world and introduced us all to terrorist propaganda on a scale we hadn’t previously known. Looking back, I later realised that I had escaped the U.S. just in the nick of time, before the political landscape and the American public went apeshit with fascist fury. Further unbeknownst to me, I will soon launch my own terrorist campaign — upon the unwitting submissive men of London. When I stepped off that aeroplane, I had no idea what a dominatrix was. By Christmas, I would be flourishing in my feminist, dominant glory, and creating the mini empire of my new identity: Mistress Avalon.